Your stride and foot plant while running is important to your conditioning, health, and enjoyment of the sport.  Running with the wrong foot plant and stride makes you more injury-prone. 

The following video, courtesy of New Jersey Sports Medicine,  shows the same runner after two weeks of adjusting the running stride and foot plant.  Key areas of the stride to work on are:

  • Avoid Heel Strike.
  • Avoid kicking out or locking out the knee in front of the body as you stride.
  • Increase your heel to butt motion…close the distance between the heel and buttock as you stride. 
  • Ideally your tibia, lower leg, should be 50-60 degrees rotated to the buttock.   
  • Running more on the balls or front of your feet.
  • Keeping your feet under you while running.  You should not see your feet while running.
  • Maintain a good center of gravity, lessening stress on the hamstring and calf,

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